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A Reality in Ruins



Track Listing:

1. Chaos Unrelenting

2. Enthroned in Ice

3. Villain

4. Until We Fall

5. Towards the Sun in a North Wind We Ride

6. Number the Dead

7. Snicklefritz

8. The Death of Fate

Chaos Unrelenting cover art front.jpg

Chaos Unrelenting EP



Track Listing:

1. Calling the Cavalry

2. Under a Blood Red Moon

Dawning Of The Ancients cover art front.jpg

Dawning of the Ancients



Track Listing:

1. We Will Endure

2. Cold Ones

3. Children of the Sand Intro

4. Children of the Sand

5. Necrosis

6. Mephistopheles

7. Throwdown

8. This Faceless Odyssey

9. The Last Legacy


This Faceless Odyssey cover art front.png

This Faceless Odyssey EP


Track Listing:

1. Ashes

2. Prelude to a Storm

3. This Faceless Odyssey

4. March of the Wolves